Automated Self-Check-In And Wifi Locks For Vacation Rentals

Nov 6, 2022 | Airbnb Host Guide

Airbnb smart locks are a great way to provide your guests an exceptional experience from the first day of their vacation to the last. Automated self-check-in and wifi locks for vacation rentals have eliminated the stressful messaging. The same goes for the waiting game for both host and guest every time there is a reservation. With the Airbnb integration for smart locks, welcoming guests are a breeze. 

Automated Self-Check-In for Vacation Rentals

A self-check-in means you don’t need keys, and no face-to-face encounter between the host and the guest. Because the smart lock is already in the Airbnb app, your guests can automatically get their unique code in time for their check-in date. A smart lock will also give guests the flexibility of arrival time and not worry about losing their keys. 

Wifi Smart Locks

Wifi smart locks are a host’s best friend. They are smart home devices that allow for keyless entry, self-check-in, and remote access. Packed with different features, you can easily install most wifi smart locks on the door. After installation, you must download the Airbnb app and set it up to your preference. 

Smart Lock Benefits for Vacation Rental

Aside from the many features of smart locks, the main advantage of having one in a vacation rental is convenience. Here are some ways where Airbnb smart locks can be hassle-free:

No waiting time

Because of its keyless and self-check-in feature, the host will not need to wait for guests’ arrival to turn over the keys. And do it again when it is time to check out. No more waiting time for both parties just for keys if you have the best smart lock for Airbnb. 

Seamless Airbnb integration

A host can conveniently integrate the smart lock into the Airbnb app for calendar sync and automatic code generation. You need to pair your smart lock with Airbnb and select the features you want to use, like auto code generation and push notifications. 

Remote Access

Hosts can easily access their vacation rental using their smartphones. They can let guests or employees in without being physically present. Instruction to guests can also be managed remotely if needed. 

Smart locks are designed to eliminate the use of keys and allow guests to self-check-in at their most convenient time. It is now easier to go on a vacation with just a few taps on your screen with technology and a smartphone. 


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