Who is CoCal Design Co.?

The inspirationally creative tandem of Lori Busi and Dawn Hollins started way back when they were still in college. Their kindred spirits were so irreplaceable after graduation that they remained in touch over the years. Just as Lori is brilliant as an insurance agency owner in Colorado, and Dawn is equally shining as a client service executive in California.

Our Humble Beginnings

Lori and Dawn, like other people, developed a love for DIY interior design and decorating between those years. This resulted in living spaces that they curated for themselves that combined comfort and beauty in a manner that epitomized the term “sophisticated yet homey.” And it was no surprise when friends often asked where they got the items they used to furnish these spaces. They would show others how they did it. It was earlier in 2021, as Lori was setting up her vacation rental in Goodyear, Arizona, that she had a lightbulb moment! What if we could help others design their living spaces for them? What if we could also help others from my experiences while setting up my Airbnb? Lori then reached out to her great friend Dawn Hollins, and it was then that the wheels for CoCal Design Co. started to turn.

What We Do 

We believe in the power of interior decor to transform spaces. We help vacation rental owners become successful entrepreneurs and realize their dreams!

When you own a vacation rental property, it’s not just about the home but the experience. CoCal Design Co. is passionate about creating an experience where your property feels like a home away from home. CoCal Design Co. has a section called Airbnb 101. Our blog provides reliable content and information to help you learn about becoming a vacation rental host.

And if you are looking for bedding, decor, furniture, or lighting ideas! With Homestyles in a Box, we bring decor to your door. You will receive a set of items in the theme and room size of your choice as a part of your subscription. It’s not just an investment; it’s an experience!