Airbnb Rental Hosting Hacks To Help Become A Superhost

Mar 23, 2022 | Airbnb Host Guide

It’s simple to become an Airbnb host. If you are a first-time host, you can find a detailed tutorial with screenshots on the website to help you start. Customer acquisition and convincing them to book your establishment is the real challenge. All hosts are aware of this. Today, we discuss the Airbnb Rental hosting hacks that can help you become a “Superhost.”

Types of Hosts

When it comes to taking bookings on Airbnb, hosts generally fall into one of three categories. These are:

Listing Owner

Typically, the individual who lists a property for sale is the property’s owner. This individual creates the Airbnb listing.


Co-Host refers to the owner’s designated assistant, who may be a member of the owner’s immediate family, a close friend, or a professional manager. The owner of the listing considers them to be the main host.

Hosting Team

In addition to the listing owner, a team of individuals may handle the accommodations. They take care of everything associated with the property, from advertising to pricing to visitor relations to maintenance schedules.

Become a Superhost

By definition, a “Superhost” is one of Airbnb’s most successful hosts. It’s a symbol of pride that proves you’re a fantastic host. One needs to understand the process and the qualifications involved to be part of that illustrious group.


  • You must be a primary host with an account in good standing.
  • Complete at least 10 trips or 3 reservations that total at least 100 nights
  • Maintain a 1% cancellation rate or lower with some exceptions.
  • Fourth, maintain a 90% response rate or more
  • Maintain a 4.8 overall rating from guest reviews

How It Works

There is a quarterly review of Hosting performance for all host listings. You do not need to apply to become a Superhost if you already match all the criteria. By the end of the evaluation period, Airbnb will inform you of how well you did.

Hosting Hacks to Become a Superhost

Superhosts may use several Airbnb rental hosting techniques. Follow these easy steps to become one faster.

Enter listing data honestly.

Accurately describe everything to provide them with as much information as possible. List your amenities and recommend local attractions.

Provide vivid images!

Showcase your home with stunning photos. Make sure to take pictures of every room. Live Sunward shows how to photograph your home from all sides for your listing.

Be prompt with replies.

Before booking, guests may demand further information. Waiting too long may make the visitor leave. After booking, respond quickly.

Stock up on necessities.

Provide everything your visitors could possibly need. Refill the shampoo and conditioner containers when running low. Guest demands may vary. Freely provide what they need.

Clear Instructions to Welcome Guests.

Put instructions where visitors may find them like a welcome handbook. Include a welcoming present. You may give your guests candy, chocolate, or fruit.

Welcome visitors personally if possible.

Welcome them to your home and assure them you’re always accessible. If you can’t be there, provide explicit directions on where to get keys and other crucial information.

Checking In and Out.

Flexible check-in and check-out times benefit visitors. If you can host an additional guest, this may influence their booking decision.

Get good ratings

Always provide extra TLC and attention when possible. This hosting hack isn’t always easy but wouldn’t you like to be treated well while on vacation?

Hosts Need To Pay Attention to Reviews

In order to be successful on Airbnb, hosts need positive feedback from guests. Prospective visitors place a high value on the testimonials included in your listing. If your listing doesn’t score well here, . The more positive ratings your business has, the more bookings you may expect to get.

How Reviews Work

Airbnb empowers both host and guest to give each other feedback by providing star ratings and writing reviews. They will receive a request to provide a star rating and write a review when check-out is complete. 

Time Frame

Each party will have 14 days to provide an evaluation of the other’s stay or visit. After the review time ends, you will no longer be able to make changes to your review.

How To Reply

When the 14 days are up, or both sides have filed their feedback, the review will be made public. You can respond to the review or report it as a violation of Airbnb’s review guidelines if you disagree with the reviewer.

In the same way that positive feedback about your vacation rental from guests may boost your profile’s visibility and popularity, so can negative feedback. You will get more reservations, and your listings will gain credibility. Prospective guests will see your home as the perfect fit for their vacation.


By following these tips, you, too, can become an Airbnb Superhost. Visit our Airbnb Guide at CoCal Design Co. for additional helpful hints.


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