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Nov 5, 2022 | Airbnb Host Guide

Bedroom Airbnb Essentials Amazon

For first-time Airbnb hosts, the herculean task of decorating and designing a property can be daunting. Whether it is a single-bedroom condo or a three-bedroom country home, the objective is still the same: customer satisfaction. So, if you want to know how to achieve this, you can start with the bedroom. Here are some Airbnb bedroom essentials you must have!

The bedroom is where your guests can be the most comfortable. They must have a good night’s sleep to enjoy the rest of their vacation and, hopefully, give you a 5-star review because they slept soundly during their stay. Here are the top 5 Airbnb bedroom essentials that you can check out from Amazon to achieve this. 

Airbnb Bedroom Essentials List

Bed Frame

Even if you buy the most extravagant mattress you can find, it will never be enough unless you have a solid bed frame. Its primary purpose is to hold your mattress in place and stop the squeaking and creaking, which can really be annoying.

A reasonable bed frame like this elegant Rosa Jenner Upholstered Bed Frame is a great choice. It has an adjustable headboard height and is crafted with a kiln-dried hardwood frame construction and plywood panel. You have a selection of different sizes and colors that best fit your taste. 

Importance Of Having A Good Bed Frame

  • Provides Support 

A good bed frame provides support for the mattress. It helps in making it stable and prevents it from sliding. 

  • Good Aesthetics

A mattress will definitely look good on a bed frame rather than on the floor in an Airbnb bedroom. And most guests will probably not book a listing with beds on the floor. 

  • Breathability

A bed frame helps in circulation around the mattress. This will prevent molds, dust mites, and bacteria from infesting your mattress. 

  • Storage Space

That storage under the bed is definitely the best place to store the big bags and luggage of the guests. It can also be a good space to store other things used less frequently. 

Mattress And Bed Sheets

Mattresses are absolutely necessary, as everyone is aware. However, before you become overwhelmed by all of the options that are available to you, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before making a decision.

How To Find The Right Mattress:

  • Type of Mattress

You can probably find more than 10 types of mattresses when you do your research. There may be more because mattress makers will definitely produce more types to fit all types of sleepers. 

However, you need to remember that you are a vacation rental property, and you will not be able to please everyone. You choose the most comfortable and durable mattress like this hybrid memory foam and innerspring mattress from the brand Airdown. 

  • Firmness

A medium level of firmness can be suitable for an Airbnb bed. This will be ideal for any type of sleeper. It will be able to give adequate support and comfort to guests. 

  • Size

The size of your mattress will depend on your bed frame. The most common bed size for an Airbnb bedroom is a queen size which will comfortably fit 2 people and a small child if needed. 

  • Durability

Ensuring that your mattress is durable should be the priority. A quality, durable mattress will be cost-saving in the long run. 

Nightstand Or Bedside table

Aside from aesthetics, side tables are functional, and help keeps necessary items accessible. For some bedrooms, it can also help hide wall sockets and cords. This metal end side table from Amazon can be the only piece you need as it offers a wide surface to put more things. It is also effortless to clean and move around if needed. 

Full-Length Mirror

A full-length mirror is probably the most overlooked Airbnb bedroom essential. Whatever bedroom size you may have, a mirror will give the illusion of space and will create a lovely focal point. And if you believe in Feng Shui, you would know that mirrors can activate the energy within a room.

Best Bedroom Items

The go-to place to find the best Airbnb bedroom essentials is Amazon. This is because it is the largest marketplace for all the things you may need for your Airbnb bedroom. However, the wide variety of options may confuse even the most seasoned Airbnb host. 

Choosing The Best Bedroom Items From Amazon

  • Go through your list and start with what you think is the most important of the top 5 bedroom essentials. The bed frame is a good start because this is where your mattress size can be decided. 
  • Compare at least 5 of the same item before deciding on the height, style, depth, and other essential features. 
  • Once you have decided, you can compare prices and check out reviews from customers. 
  • But before you buy, add it to the cart first and move on to the next item on the list. Repeat steps 1 to 4 till you are satisfied with the aesthetic and comfort level. 
  • Click the buy button.

There are definitely more bedroom essentials that you can think of, especially if the room is big. And if your rental has more than 1 room, you also need to plan for the other rooms in terms of theme and aesthetic.

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