Best Furniture for Airbnb Vacation Rental

Nov 6, 2022 | Airbnb Host Guide


Furnishing an Airbnb vacation rental may be the most challenging yet enjoyable thing you need to do for your property. You will need to spend countless hours thinking of ways to fill up every nook and cranny of your home with essentials for your guests to enjoy. To do this, shopping for the best furniture for Airbnb vacation rentals is crucial for the success of your listing. 

Furnishing your New Airbnb Apartment or Property

A part of our Airbnb 101 is ensuring you have the right furnishings for your vacation rental. You first need to look around your property, divide them into sections, and make a checklist of what furniture is needed for each section. Separate indoor furniture from outdoor furniture and set a budget for everything you need to buy.

Next, research the best furniture stores and best places to buy them. You can do this online or ask your interior decorator if you have one. Look around for local furniture shops to get the best deals, especially if you are on a tight budget. You can also look for the best place to buy furniture online if local stores are not enough for your needs.

Third, consider the location and type of guests when buying furniture. If your property can accommodate families with children, you might want to buy a dark-colored or spill-safe couch. 

For country homes, you may want the best outdoor patio furniture with the best paint for outdoor use.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Airbnb Furniture

People are attracted to listings that are appealing to the eyes. The pictures are the first thing they see and having nice furniture and cool interiors will likely land you a reservation. Here are some factors to consider before buying Airbnb furniture.


The budget is the most important factor when buying the best furniture. You may want the best for your Airbnb but if you don’t have the budget for them, all your planning and designing may just go to waste.


Remember that design is an integral part of attracting guests to your property. Your furniture must complement and enhance the design that you are aiming for.


Another important factor that guests look for in a rental is comfort. Most people rent Airbnb properties for vacation and being comfortable in your place is a priority. Keep this in mind when you buy furniture for your rental.


The best quality furniture is one that is from durable materials. Remember that your property will be used by different people from all walks of life and it is not a guarantee that they will take care of your furniture. With this in mind, ensure you buy only the best quality furniture. 

List of Essential Airbnb Furniture

As mentioned before, the best way to start furnishing your Airbnb property is to make a checklist by section or room. Start with a list of the essential Airbnb furniture before moving on to decorations. This will help you in budgeting and buying the important furniture first. 

Living Room Essentials

The living room is the main part of your property. This is where your guests will spend most of their time relaxing and enjoying their personal time. A lovely couch or sofa can be the tie that binds your living room. Your space will be comfortable with a lovely coffee table and some good throws. 

Dining and Kitchen Essentials

Some families use the dining table more often than the living room, This is where they converge to spend quality time together. Your dining table must be of good quality and the chairs are comfortable to sit on. Make sure that you also have a good quality cupboard or storage area in the kitchen. 

Bedroom Essentials

The first thing guests do when checking out the bedroom is to sit on the bed. Buying the most comfortable and durable bed is crucial. And don’t forget the mattress. It can make a great difference if your mattress gives good support to your guests. A good night’s sleep in a great bed will put your guests in a good mood throughout their stay, leading to good reviews that every host needs. 

Other Furniture Essentials

Other areas of the property also need attention when it comes to furniture. Some have balcony areas, some have huge backyards and others have basements and attics.  

Bathroom Essentials

Bathroom furniture will include vanity units, mirrors, and cabinets. Each piece of furniture must be functional and space-saving with a clean aesthetic. 

Outdoor Furniture

If you have an outdoor area where guests can lounge and kids can run around, you may need to get the best outdoor or patio furniture that can withstand different weather conditions in your area. 

Choosing the Right Airbnb Furniture

Choosing the right furniture can be tricky especially if it is your first time furnishing an Airbnb. Buying a couch is not just about getting the most comfortable or the most durable. You need to take into consideration the color, the material, the size, and more. 

This is also true for other furniture like beds, dining tables, chairs, and others. Before buying furniture for your Airbnb vacation rental, ensure you have the sizes, color selections, pattern, and material to match the theme.

Whether you buy your furniture in-store or online, you must buy the best quality furniture to ensure durability and comfort. If you want to check out a clean and aesthetically furnished home using the best furniture, you can check out Live Sunward’s gallery which will show you how it is done. The key is to combine design and comfort to suit the needs of your guests.

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