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Nov 5, 2022 | Airbnb Host Guide

Looking through the best couches for Airbnb vacation rentals can be fun and exciting until you see so many options that will make you dizzy. If you don’t want this to happen to you, you need to do thorough research, compare several factors, and pick out the best one at the lowest price. 

3 Important Factors When Choosing the Best Airbnb Couches


When looking for the best material for the Airbnb couch, keep in mind that you want one that is easy to clean, stain-resistant, and durable. More often than not, you choose the one that will first catch your eye, but remember, you are not buying a couch for your own home. You are buying for your Airbnb, which you will repeatedly use without the same care we do in our own homes. 

Couch Materials for Airbnb

  • Leather

Leather is luxurious and durable. It is a good material for couches as it is easy to clean and can withstand everyday wear and tear. 

  • Cotton

Cotton is a family and cost-friendly material. It provides a soft feel but may not be the best choice as it is easily stained and quickly catches dust and dirt. 

  • Microfiber

Made with synthetic fabric, microfiber is easy to clean and stain-resistant. It can hold its color for an extended period and is very durable.  

  • Linen

The most appealing material is linen. It comes from natural fabric and is very durable. The only concern with linen is that it is very wrinkly and easily stained. 


Who doesn’t want a comfortable couch, right? Your guests will surely enjoy a lovely couch on their vacation rental if you want that in your home. A couch should have the proper depth and is height appropriate for average-height people. 

Color and Style

The color of your couch should blend with the house’s overall theme. The best color will always be neutral. It includes the grays, the blacks, and the beiges. And if you want to add a stylish flair, you can use slipcovers with patterns. 

The Best Airbnb Couch

Some people like to shop for Airbnb couches in retail stores. They want to see the couch in person and sit on it to check its comfortability. However, online stores are now more popular because real people bought them, used them, and gave reviews and comments. The images on shopping sites like Amazon are so real-like that you can actually see what it looks like from different angles. 

Recommendations for the best Airbnb couch

Maximum comfort is guaranteed on this extra-wide chaise lounge sectional, with the ottoman easily sliding to either side of the sofa for guests.

The surface of this futon sofa bed is padded in supple yet long-lasting faux leather for maximum comfort and a sleek appearance. The metal and wooden structure and legs we built are strong enough to support more weight.

Every seat may be relocated and re-matched on this U-shaped sofa. Modular sofas are convenient since you may move and assemble any piece. Also, under each couch seat is storage. This modular sectional couch has a robust timber frame, resilient memory foam cushions, and solid black legs that may last for years.

Once you find the best Airbnb couch, you have to think of accents that can complement your couch of choice. You can add, mix, and think ahead for when you need to spruce up your space. The critical thing to remember is that anything you purchase must compliment your overall theme and style.

5 Accent Pieces for Airbnb Couches

Area Rug

The area rug provides warmth and comfort to any room. It can protect your floors from damage and helps in sound control. 

Throw Pillow

Most people put throw pillows on their couches for decorative purposes. But not many people know that they also have a functional purpose. They offer spine support and provide comfort for your guests when sitting or lying down. 

Artificial Plant

Putting a live plant may be more pleasing to the eye. But for Airbnb rentals, an artificial plant will be a better choice. You only need to dust them off after every guest; they will remain as good as new every time.

Side Table

Side tables are meant to be an extension of the couch where guests can place their drinks or a book that they are reading while lounging. They are great accents as well to any living room area. 

Wall Mounted Mirror or Painting

A very plain wall can be boring. Why not spruce up your living room by putting up a mirror or a lovely painting that can go well with your other decor? Just make sure that they are installed well to avoid accidents in your vacation rental. 

Sprucing Up your Airbnb Couch

The couch itself may be subject to wear and tear over time. As a host, you would want to save as much as possible and not buy a new couch every few years. From the beginning, you have to decide on a couch that would give you the longest possible life considering the number of guests that will use it. But don’t fret. There are ways to prolong couch life by adding some items and learning a few tips that will help save money in the long run. 

Tips on How to Prolong an Airbnb Couch Life

Use slipcovers

Slipcovers are a lovely way to change the look of your couch. Once in a while, you may want to add color to your room. Put a different color slipcover on your couch, and you have a new look. How about some patterns? You can purchase patterned slipcovers to give your couch a pop of design for the next guests. 

Use furniture sliders.

Here is a good tip, especially if you have repeat guests. Do some moving around the living room. With furniture sliders, you can easily transfer your couch from one area to another. This way, your guests will feel something new every time they come to your rental.

Learn some cleaning tricks

Be sure to learn how to clean the couch material from the start. This will help with stains and other dirt material that guests may leave on your couch. 

Do not expose the couch to sunlight. 

Plan your space strategically. Make sure that your couch will not be exposed to sunlight which can ruin it. If the couch cannot avoid exposure, use an oversized throw and drape it over the exposed area. 

Deep cleaning

Schedule a deep cleaning for your couch every few months to maintain its cleanliness. Your guests will surely appreciate the newly cleaned couch every time. For information and resources about becoming a vacation rental host, don’t hesitate to visit our Airbnb Host Guide section. We have more articles such as this one: “3 Great Lessons as an Airbnb Host” if you’re interested.


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