Best Airbnb Interior Design Trends for 2022

Nov 6, 2022 | Airbnb Host Guide

This is serious stuff, right? You want your Airbnb to stand out in a crowded market. After all, this is how you’ll get bookings and keep them coming back.

Why Bother With Interior Design Trends

Working on your rental home’s interior design is one of the essential parts of hosting an Airbnb. This is important because you want your guests to have a memorable experience and feel comfortable in your rental property. The best Airbnb interior design trends for 2022 are the ones that are appealing, practical, and relevant. 

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Interior Design

Your property’s design and interior decor will depend on several key factors. These will help you plan and buy the best decor for your Airbnb.

Type of Property and Location

A vacation home rental inside a gated community on a golf course near Estrella mountain, like Live Sunward, will need a style suited for adventure, relaxation, and exploration. You will need sturdy outdoor furniture, a good griller, and a few lounge chairs.

On the other hand, a condominium unit right in the heart of the city will most likely need a minimalist design since the property will be smaller than a whole house. A nice, comfortable bed, a three-seat sofa, and a cool dining table may be all you need as your centerpieces.

Target Guests

Your target guests are also a key factor when choosing decor ideas for Airbnb. This will let you focus on your guest and give them a functional space for their needs. If your target guests are those who travel for work and leisure, you can put a working table that they can use. If your target guests are families with children, you may want to put up some board games and a bigger couch for them to bond.


Before listing down all the decor you need, set a budget. This is important because it will help you find quality cheap decor that will beautify your space without breaking the bank. Without a set budget, you will tend to overspend and be unable to get everything you need.

Choosing Essential Airbnb Furniture

When choosing the best decor for Airbnb, you will be overwhelmed at the start. Decisions need to be made. You are deciding the color of the couch, the size of the dining table, fabric patterns, bed size, and many more. But before you do all that, get a pen and some paper, and let us break down the essential Airbnb furniture.

Living Room

For the living room, essential furniture includes a couch or sofa, coffee table, good lighting, a side table, accent chairs, throw pillows, and a media stand if you plan to put a TV. From this list you can add or lessen the essentials from this list depending on the available space. 

Dining Room

The dining room is where most guests gather. It is essential to have a sturdy dining table and comfortable chairs that can double as additional seating for other room spaces. Dinnerware, glassware, and silverware are also essentials in the dining room. If you have the area, you can add wall shelves for storage


A cozy, comfortable bed will be your centerpiece in the bedroom. This bed must have a lovely headboard, a good mattress, and soft pillows. Other essentials include a nightstand, some dressers, and a full-length mirror, and if you have the space, an accent chair or a bench at the foot of the bed can also be of use.

Decor Ideas for Airbnb

One good tip when looking for the best decor for Airbnb is to remember that the place you are decorating is not for your personal use. Think of your guests. Know what their needs are and not what you need. Here are some tips to give you decor ideas for Airbnb.

Tips for Interior Decor

  1. Use neutral colors and natural wood for your furniture. Avoid buying colorful decor and easy-to-stain furniture. You would want something fresh to the eyes and, at the same time, easy to clean when dirty.
  2. Create good lighting in all major areas of the house. Use natural light when possible, but make those extra lights to make spaces brighter.
  3. Put one or two accent pieces to add character to spaces. Avoid overdoing it by adding more.
  4. Opt for durable and functional furniture to save money in the long run.

Tips for Finding Quality Cheap Decor for Airbnb

There are many places to look for quality and cheap decor for your Airbnb. One is to go local and look for neighborhood stores that sell furniture and decor. You can save a lot on shipping costs and, at the same time, help the local economy. 

Buy secondhand if available. New is not necessarily better. Buy it if you can refurbish a piece of old yet sturdy furniture. Just limit them to accents and decorations. Avoid buying secondhand beds or couches. 

The best Airbnb interior design trends for 2022 are customizable

It is best to pay attention to carefully planned details. Doing so assures guests enjoy their stay with comfortable furniture. Ensuring all the essentials guests need should also be part of customization. Tailor-fit your Airbnb interior design and decor to what you feel suits your vacation rental regardless of the trends that may come or go.

Hosting is a significant change for Airbnb hosts and requires hours of preparation. You need to do a lot to succeed, and Airbnb doesn’t tell you about all the hard work involved.

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Designing your vacation home rental is crucial. Live Sunward gives you tips on some of the best Airbnb interior design trends in 2022.


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