Airbnb Room Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

Apr 21, 2022 | Airbnb Host Guide

With the ability to work from anywhere at an all-time high, the short-term vacation rental market is booming. If you’re looking for Airbnb room ideas to wow your guests, you’ve come to the right place.

From what amenities to offer to Airbnb design ideas, we’ve rounded up everything you need to increase your bookings and post-stay reviews. Let’s get decorating. 

Focus on Amenities

Airbnb guests want all the comforts of home plus hotel-style amenities. If your budget allows, having specific amenities can help your listing stand out. For example, if you own a vacation property in a mountain town, a hot tub is an excellent way for guests to unwind after a cold day on the slopes.

A beach town, a guest room with a patio could include an outdoor shower. Guests can wash off sandy feet before slipping into bed for the night. You want to consider what you want on vacation near your home.

For example, a wine fridge, proper utensils, and glasses are a must in wine country. Go the extra mile and include cheese and charcuterie from your favorite local spots that guests can pair with their wine.

The Guest Room is all About the Details

A guest room in a vacation home is all about the details. You want your guests to feel how much thought you put into every room detail. Providing simple touches such as robes and slippers in the bathroom will make your guests feel like they are staying at a luxury resort.

Spring for nice bedding that anyone can clean easily. A vacationer’s last want is poor-quality bedding or a bed that’s hard to sleep on. These are the details that will get you better reviews and repeat stays.

Include simple yet helpful details in the guest room that make a guest’s stay more convenient. Include a charging station or wall chargers by the bed, for example. Leave a few water bottles in each guest room or a handy pamphlet or website link with local restaurants and information.

Decorating Airbnb Guest Rooms with Your Location and Season in Mind

When you’re trying to rent your Airbnb, you’re likely also trying to sell the location. For example, if your rental is in a warm climate, include helpful décors such as light bedding, fans, and cooling shades on the windows. Experts predict that vacationers and home buyers will continue to choose the Sun Belt and warmer temps well into 2022. 

You can include warm blankets, fuzzy rugs, towel warmers, and extra bedding in a colder climate. If you have a fireplace, include the proper instructions and tools to use it. Make them feel warm and cozy in every guest room.

Airbnb Room Ideas That Help Get You More Stays

If you’re looking to increase your Airbnb bookings, give a couple of these Airbnb room ideas a try. Your guests will love all the attention to detail you put into every guest room in the house. For more great tips on starting your own Airbnb business, check out our blog section for more ideas and inspiration.

Don’t hesitate to visit our blog for information about vacation home rentals. We have more articles like this: “4 of the Best Airbnb Tips for Guests” if you’re interested.


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