Airbnb Design Ideas: Should Your Airbnb Have a Theme?

Jul 23, 2022 | Airbnb Host Guide

In Southern California, a hotel, The Madonna Inn, has a different theme for each of its 110 bedrooms! Ranging from “Caveman” to “Love Nest,” the themes create a unique and tailored experience for each guest. Ever wondered about Airbnb design ideas?

If you already have or are in the process of creating an Airbnb listing, you may be wondering if you need a vacation rental theme. While you won’t need to go as far as individually themed rooms, having a theme will benefit your listing. 

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a theme and to get some Airbnb design ideas. 

Benefits of a Theme

There are a few different benefits to having a theme. The first, and maybe most compelling, is decorating an Airbnb with a theme that increases bookings. People who resonate with your theme are more likely to book. 

Even if someone doesn’t connect personally with the theme, they may still book your listing because the theme provides them with a unique experience. Whether people connect with your theme or not, having a clear theme sets your listing apart from the rest and draws increased attention. 

A theme that connects to some part of local history or a local attraction opens up new possibilities. For example, you could build a partnership with the local attractions and cross-promote with some effort. Then, if the attraction recommends someone to your listing, that person could get a deal or visa versa. 

Airbnb Design Ideas

Think about your location; why might people be traveling to your area? Then, create Airbnb themes around that. For example:

  • Disney
  • The Painted Desert
  • A local university
  • Route 66
  • Statue of Liberty

Or, you could provide an escape of sorts. Try to provide an experience a person just can’t get anywhere else:

Perhaps your theme is less obvious and is more of a design choice. Whatever you do, pick it and stick to it:

  • Art deco
  • Minimalist
  • Bold colors
  • Vintage
  • Retro

Other Considerations

Whatever theme or style you pick, your Airbnb design ideas need to feature items that can stand the test of guests’ use. Things like linens should be comfortable but easy to clean and durable. 

With any theme, comfort should be at the forefront of your mind. It would be a shame to create a magical themed experience but get bad reviews because the mattress is old and uncomfortable. 

Finally, styling a house with a theme can be a large upfront expense. Feel free to start with what you’ve got and slowly curate your theme. Over time you’ll create the themed stay of your guests’ dreams. 

Your Airbnb Decor Journey Begins Now!

What are you going to pick for your theme? Did one of these Airbnb design ideas spark inspiration for you? Run with it and create a themed stay that will set you apart from the pack. 

If you’re renting out your place and need somewhere to escape yourself, come and stay at our beautiful golf course villa in Goodyear, AZ. You deserve some respite yourself! Happy decorating and happy travels!


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