Your Airbnb Bathroom Checklist

Nov 1, 2022 | Airbnb Host Guide

Toxic workload. Noisy traffic. Hard at work. These are a few reasons people would grab any opportunity for a short and relaxing getaway for a weekend (or more). And since we may not have the resources of a multi-million-dollar hotel and resort, it does not mean that we cannot compete and personalize our accommodation to our customers. As part of Airbnb 101, we will discuss your Airbnb bathroom checklist.

You are keeping the essential things in mind. They want to be relaxed, and they need to feel good from the moment they set foot inside the Airbnb until the minute they leave. Have you seen the movies of those actors and actresses lounging around and taking long baths in the tub? You can bet that’s what your clients want. So, grab your pencils and notebooks. Here is a list of your Airbnb Bathroom Must Haves.

A Sickening Supply of Bath Products

Do not assume your guests would bring their toiletries. Your bathroom should contain hefty bath products for one, two, or even three people. We don’t know exactly how many they are going to use. Please make sure they are organized.

  1. Shampoo – If possible, make sure that it has conditioner on it.
  2. Scent Options – Make sure that the shampoo or conditioner has scents that relax them and give them that 5-star hotel experience. (If they enjoyed the smell you prepared, they would request it again.)
  3. Body Wash or Soap – Since many of our guests can come and go, it is not advisable to use bar soap (for sanitary purposes). It will be easier to replenish a body wash bottle than buy another bar of soap for replacement. (Very Budget-friendly)
  4. Bath Bombs – This is entirely optional. But very good to have; your guests would run a bubble bath any chance.

Dry Goods

There are several things that need to be stocked up aside from consumables.

Towels: Fill the cupboard with fresh towels, no if’s or buts. Clean towels are non-negotiable. All should be available for your guests, from Bath Sheets, Bath towels down to hand towels or washcloths.

Towels: A cupboard of fresh towels makes perfect sense, no if’s or buts. Clean towels are non-negotiable. All should be available for your guests, from Bath Sheets, Bath towels down to hand towels or washcloths.

(You can also stock up on beach towels or lounge covers if you have a pool.)

Bath Mats: The minor details matter. It needs to be soft and luxurious. And most importantly, these need to be skid-free to be safe while stepping out of that shower or tub.

Fixtures inside the Bathroom

Put it this way, if you can be a little extra on your water fixtures, please do—options on water pressure and showerheads mimic the rain.

  • Tubs – The guest will appreciate it more if options are available rather than just a shower. Plus points, if you can put it next to a window with a view or scented candles for a relaxing mood.
  • Tinted shower windows or Curtains – Nothing is more appealing than knowing a little privacy is available.
  • Lockers and Cupboards Lockable bathroom storage space makes for guests additional safety and security.
  • Towel Racks and Hooks – Although it seems that having one rack/hook for towels is ok. However, placing two or three is more than appreciated; one for dry, another for wet, and maybe a theme for clothes they want to wear again.
  • Water Heating System – No one likes to be shocked by cold water from the shower. Make sure the water heating system works and is always up to date.
  • Mirrors Mirrors that are not just on the sink, but, if possible, a vast mirror where your guest can take those selfies.

A Step Above the Rest

What makes you different? Exceptional amenities that you can add to your Airbnb bring in guests.

  • Welcome Basket – Nothing says “You are Welcome” like a basket filled with items.
  • Support Locals – Give your guests local food treats. It can be candies, jam, local spice, or anything created locally. This will not just give your guest something they can take home; this will create a harmonious business relationship with your local manufacturers.
  • A Fun Trail Map – Create a specialized map for your guests. Please give them a map where they can find all sorts of fun activities while they are checked in. Maybe the nearest club, resort, or nearest Instagram-worthy place. If near some holidays or festivities, include a calendar where they can choose what party they can attend.
  • Wine and Chocolate – For anyone who is on a romantic getaway.
  • Cocktails and Ingredients – For those adventurous girlfriends.
  • First Aid Kit – standard medicine, band-aid, or gauze. 
  • Coffee / Tea – you need these for those who need them.
  • Hang Over Cure – for those late-night fiestas.
  • Hand Sanitizers / Alcohol / Face Masks 
  • A Strong Internet Source and Work Space – Yes, they might be away from their offices, but a few might encounter an emergency meeting and an unavoidable conference. It’s always good to be extra prepared. A small adequate place with good lighting would be an excellent thing to have.

Photo Finished

You can do a lot in such a small but vital part of your Airbnb. But there are things that you need to consider when creating a picturesque bathroom.

  • Chose Neutral and Calming Colors – It makes the room more luxurious if you use Neutral colors, like Ammonite, Dimity, and Off White. 
  • Add Colors for POP – Have a vase with flowers to bring a little warmth inside the room.
  • Furnish it with Color-Coordinated Items – Choose the same design across the room. 
  • Laundry Basket – Make sure there is a place to put their soiled clothes.

And most importantly, make it cohesive. From the bedroom to your Airbnb bathroom checklist, make sure it is sinch-free. 


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