3 Airbnb Living Room Ideas to Try Right Now

Jun 21, 2022 | Airbnb Host Guide

Currently, there are approximately 5.6 million Airbnb listings all across the world. These provide a more comfortable way to travel for many visitors. But if you’re the owner, it can feel overwhelming to make your listing appealing and stand out among the crowd. Are you wondering about Airbnb living room ideas?

The key to finding success is well-thought-out designs that find the perfect balance between beauty, comfort, and function. It should feel both luxurious and interesting to look at, as well as like the visitor could live there forever. And arguably the most important room to do that in is the living room. 

Check out these Airbnb living room ideas to help you create the best living possible! 

1. Extra Comfy Seating 

Generally, when someone is going to stay in an Airbnb they aren’t doing it alone. Instead, it’s generally a whole family or a group of friends taking the trip together. That’s why a lot of comfortable seating is on the top of the Airbnb living room essentials list. 

In most cases, the more seating options the better for this kind of space. Look for opportunities to add option seating, like soft ottomans or a hidden bench. This way the group can make arrangements for everyone to be able to sit together and still be comfortable. 

2. Entertainment Options

While some groups may not need any help in the entertainment department. A lot of visitors would appreciate a range of entertainment options in a homey Airbnb. 

Obviously, streaming platforms for watching TV shows or movies is the most common options people enjoy. 

But you can add in some variety as well. Things like gaming systems, board games, or even a variety of books or puzzles can really elevate their entire trip. 

3. Ample Lighting 

Nothing is worse than trying to enjoy some good conversation and not being able to see the people you’re with very clearly. Too many homes are too dark and don’t have that warm, cozy feeling because of it. 

When decorating a living room, it’s important to make sure there are several different light sources. This allows those in the room to customize the lighting situation based on their activities. All Airbnb decor should include lamps, overhead lighting, and specialty lights. These combinations make the space feel light, bright, or more intimate, depending on what the visitor prefers. 

Best Airbnb Living Room Ideas to Level Up Your Property

When you follow these Airbnb living room ideas, you’ll easily create a space everyone wants to hang out in. The guests who stay will be able to make lasting memories and fully enjoy their vacation. 

Designing for a rental home can be quite a bit different than doing the same kind of project for your own home. It’s a good practice to envision how your visitors will be using the space to try to think of every scenario and how you can best meet their needs. Getting an outside perspective is also often very helpful! 

If you’re interested in learning more ways to improve your vacation rental, check out our Airbnb 101 blog today! 


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